Why Choose The Mechanical Keyboards

If you're shopping for a new keyboard, chances are you've heard of mechanical keyboards and are curious about them. From gamers to typists to professionals, everyone will tell you that mechanical keyboards are superior to membrane keyboards and other common keyboard types. If you have only heard of mechanical keyboards and have not carefully understood them, and do not know why you should choose a mechanical keyboard, then you must read this article.

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The Mechanical Keyboard Has a More Comfortable Feel

Because the mechanical keyboard supports customization and DIY, you can make arbitrary changes in the key switches, keycaps, and other parts. The keycap changes allow you to have a more comfortable feel and touch. Keycaps generally use a variety of materials and manufacturing process choices. For example, you can choose ABS, PBT, or epoxy resin in terms of material. . Among them, PBT material is deeply loved by people because it has more feel and thickness, and is more durable.
WhatGeek's keycaps are basically made of PBT material, you can choose your favorite PBT keycap to modify your keyboard.
The switches of a mechanical keyboard are one of the important components, and it is also the supplier that provides an excellent feel and typing experience. The key switches are roughly divided into three types: clicky switches, linear switches, and tactile switches. And different color switches represent different shaft types, you can visit this article for more basics on mechanical keyboards: To People That Want To Start Out Mechanical Keyboard But Are Afraid To Get Started

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Mechanical Keyboards Have Better Typing Experience and Feedback

Better typing experience and feedback are the most important things people like about mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards give you clear feedback from touching the keycaps, pressing switches, to bouncing the keys. It's almost like using a typewriter in contrast to a membrane keyboard, which is softer and less noisy to use.
For typists or gamers, streamers, programmers, etc. who use keyboards a lot, the biggest difference is how multiple keystrokes are handled. In activities that require very high motion input, every keystroke is a matter of life and death. Mechanical keyboards shine here because each key is used and registered individually. So when you press keys near-simultaneously, they’re still registered incorrect order.
Membrane-based keyboards have many problems with simultaneous key entry or rollover. This is because they have many pressure pads on one membrane. So if you press too many keys at once or try to type quickly, some keystrokes wouldn’t be registered.

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Mechanical Keyboards Have a Longer Life

In the process of using the keyboard, the space bar is one of the most commonly used keys, and therefore requires more registration pressure than keys such as ESC. Also, once a key dies, replacing him can be a very difficult task. Because each keystroke of a mechanical keyboard works individually and is equipped with a separate key switch, each key switch has a lifespan of more than ten times that of a membrane switch, and you can hit 25 million to 50 million times.
In terms of material, many mechanical keyboards are now made of aluminum alloy or high-end materials, which makes the mechanical keyboard more durable. You can even replace damaged parts, such as a button, or a notch.

The above three points are the reasons why you choose a mechanical keyboard. So are you using a mechanical keyboard now?

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The Mechanical Keyboard Has a More Comfortable Feel Mechanical Keyboards Have Better Typing Experience and Feedback Mechanical Keyboards Have a Longer Life

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