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To People That Want To Start Out Mechanical Keyboard But Are Afraid To Get Started

Now whether you are working, typing or playing games, a good mechanical keyboard has become the first choice of people; with a better feel, sound and use experience, mechanical keyboards have gradually become popular.

What Is a Mechanical Keyboard?

mechanical keyboard and membrane keyboard

The working principles of mechanical keyboards and our common membrane-based keyboards are very different. There are three layers of circuit boards inside the membrane-based keyboard, conductive lines are printed on the upper and lower layers, and the middle compartment is an insulating layer. The bowl is pressed down to the end, so that the first layer of the keyboard is in contact with the third layer, and the signal is triggered; because the core circuits inside the keyboard are all designed on the membrane-based material, it is called a membrane-based keyboard.

The working principle of the mechanical keyboard is that there is an independent shaft under each key, which is used to trigger the signal. After the user presses the key, the two springs inside the shaft contact each other, and then generate a signal. Since each key of the mechanical keyboard needs a unique shaft, the price of the mechanical keyboard is relatively expensive.

Description of Mechanical Keyboard Switch Features

When discussing mechanical keyboards, we must be inseparable from a very critical accessory: key switches. The key switches are indispensable for mechanical keyboards and are one of the decision-makers that lead to users' different experiences. And the Cherry MX mechanical switches are recognized as the most classic mechanical keyboard switches. Among the MX mechanical switches, the most representative and most common are the four key switches blue/green, red, brown, and black.
This year, Gateron Yellow key switches are also very popular. It is not only cheap, but also has a very comfortable tactile and use feeling. It is one of the most popular key switches in tactile switches. Transparent switches are also a very good choice.

key switches - whatgeek

Red Switches:

Because of the moderate pressing force, straight up and down, and very fast response, the red switch is a very good choice for gaming or long-term typing, so novices like this mechanical switch.

Black Switches:

The black switch is indeed more suitable for playing games. Although the pressing force required is greater than that of the red switch, the tapping is more obvious, which is exactly what the game needs. Short-term typing is also acceptable. But if you are engaged in secretarial work, which requires a lot of typing every day, using the black switch for a long time will make you feel very tired, and it is not recommended.

Blue/Green Switches:

The blue/green switch is the most characteristic mechanical switch. If you usually play fewer games or type moderately, it is recommended to buy it. This is also my favorite switch. If you go to a physical store, I believe most users will like the blue switch. The crackling sound of the shaft and the sense of paragraph are very strong.

Brown Switches:

The performance of the brown switch is indeed moderate, and I personally feel that it is more suitable for typing. Compared with the blue switch, the sound and paragraph sense are much smaller, and it is also very comfortable to use.

Type of the Key Switches

The four key switches described above can actually be described by three types of switches. We distinguish linear switches, tactile switches, and clicky switches according to their characteristics.

Primarily, you need to know that Red or Black switches are linear, Brown or Clear, Yellow switches are tactile, while Blue or Green switches are clicky.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Key Switche Types

Linear Switches:

Linear switches usually feel smooth and offer a consistent actuation without any tactile feedback. The actuation or the registering of a keypress happens when it bottoms out, and since there are no bumps in between, linear switches glide down rather easily. Many gamers prefer investing in keyboards with linear switches, with the most common one being Cherry MX Red.

Tactile Switches:

Tactile switches have a similar construction as linear but include a bump halfway through the key’s downward travel. This bump signifies the actuation point, which means that a keypress is registered before it fully bottoms out. This enables a faster typing experience since the key doesn’t have to travel all the way down to actuate, thus becoming the preferred choice of typists. Cherry MX Brown switches are one of the most popular among the variety of tactile keyboard switches available in the market.

Clicky Switches:

Clicky switches follow the same concept as tactile switches, which means they’re bumpy, but at the same time, they are louder by design. These key switches offer a bump along with additional audio feedback, which is pretty satisfying, almost like an old typewriter. However, this can be annoying for people around you, especially in an office environment. If you like having a nice clicky keyboard, you could look at Cherry MX Blue switches.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mechanical Keyboards

The advantage of the mechanical keyboard is that it feels very comfortable because each key of the mechanical keyboard is composed of springs and metal contacts. Compared with the silicone bowl and membrane-base contacts of general keyboards, it has a longer life. At present, the theoretical life of the membrane-base keyboard as a whole is about 8 million to 30 million times, but the theoretical life of a single key on a mechanical keyboard is as high as 25 million or 50 million times, which is extremely long compared to the membrane-base keyboard. At the same time, each part of the mechanical keyboard is relatively independent, which provides extremely convenient conditions for players to DIY. Beginner players can replace the keycaps of the mechanical keyboard, and players with strong hands-on ability can replace and customize the key shaft, soundproof cotton, base, gasket, etc., to create a unique keyboard for themselves, of which WhatGeek is an online store that offers you the best custom keyboards.

mechanical gaming keyboard - whatgeek

Pros of Mechanical Keyboards

The most important thing about a mechanical keyboard is the shaft. Mechanical keyboards have a longer lifespan than ordinary membrane-base keyboards. A good mechanical keyboard has a lifespan of more than 10 or even 20 years. After the mechanical keyboard has been used for a long time, the key feel changes very little, which cannot be achieved by the membrane-base keyboard. The keys of different shafts of the mechanical keyboard feel different, while the membrane-base has a single touch. Mechanical keyboards can achieve 6 keys without conflict, some mechanical keyboards can have full keys without conflict, and there are fewer membrane-base keyboards with more than 3 keys without conflict. You can replace the keycaps yourself, which is convenient for individual DIY.

Cons of Mechanical Keyboards

The price is too expensive, and the shaft in the keyboard is also monopolized by the German cherry technology, so few factories are doing it, so the price remains high, and the price of the mechanical keyboard developed by the domestic shaft body is slightly cheaper, but the felt quality cannot satisfy the majority of users. The appearance design of the mechanical keyboard cannot be as small and thin as the membrane-base keyboard due to its own structure, but the aesthetics are no less than that of the membrane-base keyboard. Keycaps are consumables, similar to mobile phone cases. In addition to individual metal keycaps, mechanical keyboards are generally easy to wear and oil and have a wide variety of colors and materials, and the price is also relatively expensive. The pursuit is the feel and sound effect, so it is not muted, especially the green switch, which is similar to the click of a light switch, which is enjoyable for typing users, and torture for the people around, especially "disturbing people" in the dead of night.

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