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Top-of-the-line Fully Customizable Keyboards/Kits By The Best Brands

WhatGeek is aim to give the freedom to customize and create their own unique gadgets out of hundreds of assorted elements. Our vision is spearheaded by one of the teams at Geekbuying, which specializes in researching and producing fully customizable unique gadgets.

Our team has a diverse group of people from R&D, designers, and experts with a ton of experience producing all kinds of unique gadgets. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, WhatGeek has always been leading the way in DIY mechanical keyboard kits.

All the gadgets offered on our website will have unique designs, colors and features that will allow people to create something of their own. WhatGeek is committed to empowering end users by providing customizable and high-quality keyboard solutions. FEKER ALICE 80 custom keyboard was one of the mechanical keyboards developed with this sole purpose.

FEKER Alice Style Mechanical keyboard alice 80 DIy Kit All View


Full Array of 16M RGB Lights
FEKER Alice 80 supports programmable RGB array with 16M colors that allows user customization in unlimited ways. A total of 66 lamp beads with 16 bottom lamps can provide various lighting effects.

FEKER Alice 80 RGB Light Show

Wider Compatibility
FEKER Alice 80 allows you to connect through multiple ways including Bluetooth 5.0, USB Type-C and through 2.4GHz wireless connection. You can use it with a great number of devices with ease.

Long-lasting Battery Life
FEKER Alice 80 is equipped with an 8,000mAh battery providing long hours of uninterrupted performance.

Easy Customization
Built with gasket mounted top notch including sound absorbing foam. Hot-swappable sockets for easy customization including Cheery MX, Kailh, Gateron switches and other 3-pin/5-pin switches. Pre-lubed switches make it easier for customization providing smoother key strokes.

Support for Multiple Stabilizers
Compatible with PCB mounted and Plate mounted stabilizers for your convenience.

Ergonomic Design
Designed to fit in any environment whether it be for home use or using it for work purposes in your office. Minimalistic footprint comprising a full-sized arrow key provides better functionality.

FEKER Alice 80 Keyboard Details


Our motivation has always been that FEKER ALICE 80 Keyboard should be in every desk, thus it has been priced accordingly. And if you love having the latest and best customizable gadgets by yourself, you will love the FEKER Alice 80 mechanical custom keyboard.

If you are considering retiring your mechanical keyboards and switching to keyboard kits, take a look at WhatGeek products , for a cheaper and more convenient way: here you will find the official website of the brand. We also point out that you can save 10% on any of your purchases thanks to the WHATGEEK coupon : a discount is always welcome!

FEKER ALICE 80 DIY Kit: Shop Now
Final Price: $100.00 (Reg. $124.00)

FEKER ALICE 80 Mechanical Keyboard: Shop Now
Final Price: $135.00 (Reg. $154.00)

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