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The Best Mechanical Keyboards for Gamers and Professionals

When it comes to computer accessories, keyboards are often overlooked. However, for gamers and professionals alike, the keyboard is a crucial tool that can make or break their experience. One type of keyboard that has gained popularity in recent years is the mechanical keyboard.
In a mechanical keyboard, each key is equipped with its own mechanical switch, as opposed to a rubber dome in a membrane keyboard. This design allows for greater durability, as well as a more satisfying typing experience.

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One of the most significant differences between mechanical and membrane keyboards is the type of switch used. In a membrane keyboard, the keys press down on a rubber dome, which then sends a signal to the computer. In a mechanical keyboard, each key has its own mechanical switch, which directly sends a signal to the computer.
Another key difference is the feel of the keys. Membrane keyboards have a soft, mushy feel to them, while mechanical keyboards have a more tactile and responsive feel. This is because mechanical keyboards have a more defined actuation point, or the point at which a keystroke is registered.

For gamers, mechanical keyboards offer a number of advantages. One of the most significant is the improved tactile feedback, which allows for more accurate and precise keystrokes. This is particularly important in fast-paced games where every fraction of a second counts.
In addition, mechanical keyboards are generally more durable than membrane keyboards, which means they can withstand the rigors of intense gaming sessions. This can be especially important for professional gamers who rely on their equipment to perform at the highest level.

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Mechanical keyboards also offer a number of advantages for professionals. One of the most significant is the improved typing experience. The tactile feedback and defined actuation point of mechanical keyboards make typing more comfortable and efficient, which can be especially beneficial for those who spend long hours at their computers.
In addition, mechanical keyboards are generally more durable than membrane keyboards. Another major pro for professionals is the ability to customize the keyboard to their needs. Mechanical keyboards often have the option to switch out the key switches or keycaps allowing for a more personalized typing experience.

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1. CoolKiller CK75 Transparent Mechanical Keyboard

CoolKiller CK75 mechanical keyboard is one of the most popular mechanical keyboards in 2023. It has five color options: peach pink, purple, transparent, green and black. And in addition to purple, you can choose other keyboard colors in boxes with aluminum casings, which is very advanced.

  • 3 link modes: Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C wired link, 2.4Ghz dongle,
  • Double Shot matte PBT anti-wear anti-sweat anti-oil keycap
  • Hot-swappable Gasket structure, 3/5Pin switch
  • South-facing LED RGB lighting effects
  • 35±5gf linear switches

2. MonsGeek M1 Mechanical Keyboard

MonsGeek M1 transparent mechanical keyboard is a keyboard suitable for gamers and professionals. It adopts 82-key design, hot-swappable and Gasket structure, which makes it more playable. You can match any kind of switches you like at will. It originally came with white or black linear switches, and the south-facing LEDs pierced through the transparent keycaps to give the keyboard a nice touch.

  • Type-c wired link
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS systems
  • Support Programmable

3. Ajazz AK966 Mechanical Keyboard

Ajazz AK966 mechanical keyboard is a powerful mechanical keyboard. Adopt 96 building design, 1800 ratio. There is also a knob in the upper right corner, which can adjust the volume, fast forward and slow playback and other multimedia functions. The keyboard also has a 10000mAh battery, and the standby time is up to 1200 hours when the light is turned off. The MDA-shaped PBT keycaps are ergonomic. 3 layers of Poro foam are used for silent processing.

  • Three link modes;
  • 96 keys + 1 knob
  • Custom linear switch options: Kailh Cream Swithes: 45gf±10gf. Gateron Switches: 55gf±8gf
  • There are many products attached to the package: switches, keycaps, keycaps/shaft pullers, etc.
  • Support programming

4. FEKER Alice 80 Corgi Mechanical Keyboard

The FEKER Alice 80 Corgi is a really cute ergonomic keyboard that also comes with a wooden wrist rest and is equipped with an 8000mAh battery to keep you going for a long time.

  • Alice Arisu layout
  • Three Link Modes
  • support VIA and programming
  • South-facing LED lights, 21 lighting effects
  • Custom linear axes

5. JamesDonkey RS2 Mechanical Keyboard

JamesDonkey mechanical keyboard is a mechanical keyboard sub-brand of Keychron, JamesDonkey RS2 is a classic color mechanical keyboard. It adopts the design of 99 keys + 1 knob. Equipped with a 3000mAh battery

  • Three link modes, applicable to Windows and macOS systems
  • Hot-swappable Gasket Pro structure
  • Two-color PBT keycap
  • Gateron G Pro shaft red or brown

6. FirstBlood B67 Mechanical Keyboard

FirstBlood B7 Mechanical Transparent RGB Keyboard is a very stylish keyboard. 65% layout, 67 keys in total, with four color options. All acrylic aesthetic design, very strong light transmission. It adopts a three-layer silicone design, and the silent treatment is very good. Equipped with PBT keycap MDA profile

  • Three link modes, suitable for Windows and macOS systems
  • Kailh MX switch
  • Battery: 3750mAh
  • South facing LED lights

1. FEKER Alice 80 DIY Kit

FEKER Alice 80 DIY Kit is a mechanical keyboard kit with Alice layout. It adopts south-facing full-array 16M RGB lights, allowing three linking methods, and can easily link a large number of devices for use together. Equipped with an 8000mAh battery, it can provide uninterrupted performance for a long time. Built-in coupon installation, including suction foam, hot-swappable socket Gasket structure. Support programming.

2. Dukharo VN96 DIY Kit - 96%(1800) Layout

Dukharo VN96 DIY Kit is a very good kit, with 96% of the layout, it can meet the needs of the full ratio layout keyboard and the need for number keys. Three link modes make it easy to use it with a large number of devices. The hot-swappable and gasket structure is easy to customize, and the built-in sound-absorbing foam cotton makes it more thcy. The knob in the upper right corner provides additional functions for adjusting volume and playback pause.

3. MonsGeek M1 DIY Kit - 75% Layout

MonsGeeek M1 DIY Kit is a particularly popular kit this year. It also sells mature keyboards, but there are only two color options for the finished keyboard. MonsGeeek M1 DIY Kit is equipped with more color options, such as white, red, pink, black, etc. Six color options. The knob in the upper right corner has a multimedia playback pause function and controls the volume.

4. MXRSKEY CK820 DIY Kit - 75% Layout

MXRSKEY CK820 DIY Kit is a very high quality mechanical keyboard kit. All made of aluminum material, strong and stable. Use PCB Screw-in Stabilizer, factory Pur lubricated and adjusted. South-facing LED lights have stronger light transmission. Three link modes and gasket structure make it support customization. And very soft.

5. Homoo KF068 RGB DIY Kit - 65% Layout

The Homoo KF068 kit is a very cost-effective kit, the price is only around $50-$60. Equipped with a 2400mAh battery, it provides uninterrupted performance for a long time. 65% layout design of 67 keys + 1 knob. Compatible with most needs. The three link modes support hot swapping.

6. ACGAM MMD87 DIY Kit - TKL Layout

ACGAM MMD87 DIY Kit is a keyboard kit with TKL layout, available in three colors: white, black and yellow. The price is within $60, which is a very good cost-effective keyboard kit. The PCB LED backlight includes 16.8 million colors and includes four adjustable speed and brightness settings. This is a very good choice for gamers.

In conclusion, mechanical keyboards offer a number of advantages for gamers and professionals alike. They have improved tactile feedback, greater durability, and the ability to customize to individual needs. Whether you're a professional or a gamer, a mechanical keyboard can be a valuable investment that will improve your overall experience.


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