JamesDonkey RS2 Keyboard Unboxing Typing Test and Review

JamesDonkey? yeah, maybe you are hearing about this brand for the first time, but this brand is a well-recognized brand in the PC peripheral industry and one of the licensed brands of WhatGeek.

Today I will tell you about the JamesDonkey RS2 Keyboard in detail.

JamesDonkey RS2 is a new product launched in September 2022. It adopts a layout design of 99 keys + 1 knob, and there are three LED indicator lights in the middle, as well as a classic color scheme. The JamesDonkey RS2 mechanical keyboard adopts a Gasket structure and a shockproof stracture design, which is soft and comfortable to press overall. It is equipped with two keyboard switch options of brown Tactile switch and Red Linear switch. It has a unique mute processing, and three link modes make your link more convenient and effective.

JamesDonkey RS2 Unboxing and Typing Test.

The packaging of JamesDonkey RS2 keyboard adopts a white-based packaging design, and the packaging shell is simple and elegant. The package includes JamesDonkey RS2 mechanical keyboard, L-shaped type-c link cable, key puller, switch puller and user manual.

JamesDonkey RS2 keyboard package include

The Structure of The JamesDonkey RS2 Keyboard

JamesDonkey RS2 Exploded View


At first, you can see that the overall color of the keyboard is off-white, and the PBT keycap adopts the classic 2-color and closed characters design. Dry surface with fine textureLong wear resistance than ABS materialOil-free Comfortable key-stroke experience.

JamesDonkey RS2 PBT Keycaps

Key Switches:

Pull out the keycap, we can clearly see the switches part of JamesDonkey RS2, here we choose the Gateron Brown Tactile switches. All keys are equipped with switch-hot-swap-base. Compatible with both 3 pins and 5 pins switchesIt is suitable for most mechanical switch brand in the market. Using switch puller to realize customization of different switches. Moreover, the shaft has been pre-lubricated, which has eliminated part of the spring sound, and also uses anti-oxidation gold-plated pins, which not only improves the use experience of the shaft, but also improves the service life.

JamesDonkey RS2 Brown Switches

FR4 Glass Fiber Positioning Plate:

FR4 glass fiber positioning plate provides flexibility beyond metal to reduce low frequency resonance, and each button indicated & marked by copper burning & carving process.

FR4 Glass Fiber Positioning Plate - JamesDonkey RS2

Gasket Pro Structural Design

Gasket Pro is based on Traditional Gasket Technology, The positioning plate is suspended inside the keyboard with high-performance support and rebound materials. And provide elastic buffer stroke, Absorb key stroke vibration through structural deformation, Fundamentally solve the problem of high frequency vibration.

Gasket Design

Silencer Cotton x Underlay

Put double silencing material. Fill the gap inside the keyboard to reduce the cavity sound, Provides a solid keystroke experience.

Silencer Cotton x Underlay - JamesDoenkey RS2

JamesDonkey RS2 Keyboard Review:

Overall, JamesDonkey RS2 is a pretty good keyboard that is ideal for both gamers as well as office users. The Gateron G Pro switches used on the keyboard offer a smooth and precise typing experience with the keyboard. RS2 got a retro-themed two-color design theme along with some premium components like PBT material keycaps that ensure the user gets a rich experience while using the keyboard. Its triple connection modes offer full versatility for the user to use the keyboard with any source of their choice. Pretty impressed with the build and performance of the JamesDonkey RS2, for just under $100 it looks like an impressive one!!

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