Understanding Keyboard Yellow Switches

Yellow switches are a type of Mechanical Keyboard Switch that has gained popularity among keyboard enthusiasts. These switches are known for their smooth keystrokes and absence of tactile bumps or audible clicks. In this article, we will delve into the key characteristics of yellow switches and help you understand if they might be the right choice for your mechanical keyboard.

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Here are the primary characteristics of Yellow Switches:

Yellow switches typically have an actuation force of 50 grams. This means that you don't need to apply much pressure to register a keypress. The lighter actuation force can be beneficial for users who prefer a lighter touch when typing or gaming.

Tactile Bump: No

Unlike some other mechanical switches, such as brown or green switches, yellow switches do not have a tactile bump. This means that there is no noticeable resistance when pressing the keys. Each keystroke feels consistent and smooth.

Audible Click: No

Yellow switches are also quiet in operation. They lack the distinctive click sound that is present in switches like blue or green switches. If you value a quieter typing or gaming experience, yellow switches are a good choice.

Linear Feel

Yellow switches offer a linear feel, which means that the keystroke is consistent from the top of the keypress to the bottom. There are no bumps or clicks to interrupt the keystroke, making them ideal for users who want a straightforward and uniform typing experience.

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Yellow switches are versatile and find applications in various scenarios:


The smooth and linear feel of yellow switches makes them popular among gamers. The absence of tactile bumps and clicks allows for rapid keypresses, which can be advantageous in fast-paced gaming situations.


If you do a lot of typing, especially for extended periods, yellow switches can reduce typing fatigue. The lack of resistance and noise makes them comfortable for long typing sessions.

Office Use

For office environments where a quieter keyboard is preferred, yellow switches can be an excellent choice. They won't disturb colleagues with loud keypresses.

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Top Five Yellow Switches WhatGeek

1. Gateron G Pro Switches (Linear, 35 switches)

Gateron G Pro Linear Switches are known for their smooth and consistent keystrokes, making them suitable for both typing and gaming. With options for different actuation forces, they cater to a wide range of preferences. These switches are pre-lubricated for reduced friction and boast durability, lasting millions of keypresses. They emit a moderate sound and are compatible with various keyboards. Gateron G Pro Linear Switches are favored by users who seek a quiet, smooth, and reliable typing or gaming experience, with preferences for different actuation forces.

The Akko V3 Cream Pro Linear Switches are suitable for users who appreciate a smooth, creamy, and quiet typing or gaming experience, with options for different actuation forces to cater to individual preferences. They are especially appealing to keyboard enthusiasts looking for a customizable switch with a unique feel.

Ajazz AS101 Tactile Switches are a good choice for individuals who enjoy a tactile feel while typing or gaming and prefer a quieter keyboard. They are also suitable for those who value customization options and want a durable switch that can withstand heavy use, making them versatile for both work and leisure activities.

Gateron CAP V2 Tactile Switches are a good choice for individuals who prefer tactile feedback while typing or gaming and require a quieter switch. They are also suitable for keyboard enthusiasts looking to customize their mechanical keyboard experience with a durable and tactile switch option.

Ajazz AS Sunrise Linear Switches are suitable for individuals who prefer a smooth and quiet typing or gaming experience. They are versatile and customizable, making them appealing to keyboard enthusiasts who want to fine-tune their mechanical keyboard setup for comfort and performance.

In summary, yellow switches offer a unique typing experience characterized by their light actuation force, lack of tactile bumps, and quiet operation. They are well-suited for both gaming and typing tasks, making them a versatile option for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. However, the choice of switches ultimately depends on your personal preferences. If you value a smooth and quiet typing experience, yellow switches are certainly worth considering for your next Mechanical Keyboard Setup.

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