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Machenike K500F B81 Keyboard Unboxing & Review


What is it?

Machenike K500F B81 is the latest product of Machenike in 2023. Machenike is a Chinese brand mainly engaged in 3C digital, e-sports health, peripheral peripherals and other products, and the new Machenike K500F-B81 keyboard will be launched and purchased on WhatGeek. Today WhatGeek brings you the unboxing and evaluation of the purple K500F B81 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

machenike k500f b81 keyboard

What’s in the Box?

  • Out-of-the-box keyboard
  • Type-C cable
  • An instruction manual + warranty card + certificate
  • Two replacement shafts
  • A shaft puller and a Keycap puller

machenike k500f b81 keyboard package include

Design and Details of MACHENIKE K500F B81 Keyboard


Machenike K500F-B81 adopts a compact design with 81 keys + 1 knob, saving you more desktop space. K500F-B81 adopts an overall transparent design, south-facing LED lights (16.8 Million Color RGB, 12 Stunning Lighting Effects Switching) and transparent PBT keycaps allow you to easily type when you work at night. And there are two height options for the back support, you can flexibly adjust your typing angle. Learn more about typing angles. The Gasket structure design and hot-swappable structure support you to make DIY customization and modification on the basis of it again, and it is compatible with most 3pin and 5pin switches. There are 4 color options for the Machenike K500F B81 keyboard: black, white, green and purple.

machenike k500f b81 keyboard details

Size and Weight:

The keyboard is mainly made of transparent ABS material, which makes it more translucent and lighter in weight: 858g±30g. Size(L:W:H): 335.3 * 140.3 * 37.0 mm


The knob in the upper right corner is also made of plastic. The knob controls two modes, one is the game mode, which can control the RGB brightness, and the other is the work mode, which can control the volume. Just press and hold the button for 3 seconds and see the flashing to complete the switch.

machenike k500f b81 keyboard knob details


The Machenike K500F-B81 keyboard uses a custom Crystal Switch. There are two shaft options, one is GR-Crystal (Tactile Switches). The other is GR-Ice (Linear Switches). The specific axis parameters are as follows:

GR-Crystal Switches

  • Tactile Switch, Strong Rhythm Sensation, Recommended for Gaming
  • Actuation Force: 40+10GF
  • Bottoming-out Force: 50+10GF
  • Actuation Travel: 2.2±0.6mm
  • Keystroke Lifespan: 50 million

GR-Ice Switches

  • Linear Switch, Smooth Touch, Ideal for Typing
  • Actuation Force: 40+10GF
  • Bottoming-out Force: 60+10GF
  • Actuation Travel: 2士0.6mm
  • Keystroke Lifespan: 50 million

Machenike K500F B81 Keyboard Typing Test:

Advantages of Machenike K500F B81 Keyboard:

  • Fully transparent design, RGB backlight, light button design
  • Knob function switching
  • The knob has a damping feel
  • Hot swap, Gasket structure
  • 81 keys, saving desktop space
  • programmable

Disadvantages of Machenike K500F-B81 Keyboard:

  • Knobs don't have enough friction texture
  • Currently only wired link mode
  • Cannot switch between Mac and Windows systems

Price of Machenike K500F B81 Keyboard:

Currently WhatGeek is exclusively selling Machenike’s K500F B81 Wired Transparent RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with 11% discount code: WGMC11Buy K500F B81 Now


The Machenike K500F B81 mechanical keyboard is a responsive, functional, and beautiful keyboard. And the choice of a variety of colors allows you to better match your desktop, and the fully transparent white and black are basically suitable for all office environments and setups. If you don't like wired connections, want a cleaner desktop, or are using a MAC system, then it's not recommended as it's not currently supported. But for this price point, it's the best budget mechanical gaming keyboard, and it's highly recommended.

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