2022 Best Custom Mechanical Keyboard - FirstBlood B67

The FirstBlood B67 Mechanical Keyboard is a full acrylic and transparent Gasket mount mechanical keyboard designed in a 67-key layout in four color options. The silicone gasket design makes the percussion sound smaller and quieter. When you tap your fingers, you will feel more comfortable and strong rhythm.

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Equipped with double-sided south-facing RGB LEDs that emit light from the front and back, the B67 will brighten your eyes. It's compact enough to fit on almost any desktop and accommodate intensive typing applications. Wired and wireless connections, hot-swappable sockets, south-facing LEDs, three simultaneous connections: wired, 2.4G wireless, and Bluetooth 5.0. Thanks to the reliable and trusted Broadcom Bluetooth Chipset, the B67 offers a faster and more accurate keystroke response, offering a worry-free wireless typing and gaming experience.

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On top of that, the B67 allows you to seamlessly switch among your notebook, computer, and mobile devices, which is a perfect solution to fulfill your multi-tasking needs. This is not only simple typing equipment but also a powerful productivity booster on your desk!

For extensive compatibility that tops the competition, The FirstBlood B67 keyboard is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS to offer a natural and intuitive workflow. Simply press FN+A/S to switch the keyboard layout between macOS and Windows, all the media keys you want will be right on the place where you are familiar.

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One of the most attractive features of mechanical keyboards is being hot-swappable. By assembling different switches, each mechanical keyboard can provide a different tactile feeling and unique typing sound. 

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The FirstBlood B67 keyboard comes with Kailh MX Jellyfish switches, whose clear switch housing maximizes the RGB lighting. Thanks to the hot-swap sockets, you can easily take the switch in and out from the keyboard and change to any 3-pin or 5-pin MX switches at will!

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In a sense, the RGB keyboard lights on the desk as a rainbow in disguise. Combining the transparent acrylic body with the south-facing RGB, the FirstBlood B67 delivers a standout aesthetic experience. To better maximize the reflection of colors on the visible light spectrum, we design our own proprietary double-sided RGB LEDs to better illuminate the keyboard backlight. The south-facing RGB is also free from interference if the user decides to install Cherry-profile alternative keycaps on their keyboard.

with 18 types of RGB backlighting effects, the FirstBlood B67 Gaming Keyboard glows from every side, shining like a gem placed on your desk.

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Though the cost is higher than making uniform ABS keycaps for every SKU, the B67 sticks to PBT hot-sublimation keycaps and PC clear keycaps to bring exceptional build quality on top of the acrylic case. Meanwhile, the Obsidian Black, Pearl White, and Peach Pink colorways accentuate the keyboard's premium outlook, which will be a perfect match no matter if you are building a cool, clean or adorable desk setup.

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Shaped in the MDA keycap profile, the FirstBlood B67's keycaps offer a bigger typing surface with a more rounded edge to not cutting fingers while gaming and typing. These keycaps are waterproof and resistant to dust and abrasion.Buy FirstBlood B67 Mechanical Keyboard now

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