Top 5 New Products in May: This Drone Finds Treasure for You Automatically

It’s May 2018! Let’s check what just happened in the tech industry.

EverCam: The Wirefree Security Cam with 365-Day Battery Life
Face-Recognizing Alerts | Motion Detection | 1080p Full HD | No Monthly Fee | Free Local Storage | Night Vision | Weatherproof (IP66)

Radioplane Seeker: The autonomous and modular drone that finds what you seek

Sobro Smart Side Table: Simplify your life with Wireless Charging, a Cooler Drawer, Bluetooth speakers, App Control & more

Volterman – World’s Most Powerful Smart Wallet
Built-in Powerbank, Distance Alarm, Global GPS Tracking, Worldwide WiFi Hotspot, Anti-Thief Camera.

GNARBOX 2.0 SSD – Rugged backup device for your camera
The most powerful portable workflow solution for photographers and videographers.

2018 Top 5 weird/must-have gadgets for women/girls

According to the NPD group, nearly 40 percent of spending in consumer electronics comes from women. Women buy a lot of stuff, while some of them might be a little bit bizarre for males. Why not just sit down and check out some of them?

The Būband: Breast Support Band for Active Women. Meet The Būband (bōōb’band) – the original support band for active women to prevent breast bounce. We didn’t just improve support, we changed it altogether. It lets you exercise longer, more comfortably and more intensely. The Būband lets you move… in all the right places.

Elemoon: wearable tech that expresses your unique style. Elemoon changes color to match your outfit, alerts important calls/texts, has step tracking, displays time & helps you find your phone!

Occly: Your Wearable Personal Safety Device. Occly™ is a wearable personal safety device specifically designed to be a visual deterrent. It can be worn on the body or clipped to an accessory. Occly is armed with, a panic button, four cameras, sirens, a microphone, LED lighting, Bluetooth capabilities, and a number of automatic alarm sensors.

Moley Robotics: The Future is Served. Thanks to the motion-capture system the robotic kitchen can now precisely replicate the actions of a master chef thereby creating a variety of delicious dishes, cooked to world-class standards, for the domestic kitchen and for other preparation areas.

THE LILY: Bloom With Pleasure. THE LILY, a unique vibrator in the shape of a beautiful peace lily. The first of its kind, THE LILY is sensually designed to be pleasing to both the body and the eye, a far cry away from traditional vibrators. Get yours now!


3 Must-have Vlog Gear

Since Casey Neistat started this vlog trending on YouTube couple of years ago, more and more creators have joined the vlogging army. Today we summed up 3 camera related gear we thought would be great for those who are eager to tell a story. Check out!

0:16 GorillaPod Mobile Rig

Flexible, portable and easy to use, the new GorillaPod Mobile Rig securely mounts your smartphone, lights and mics.

1:16 IdolCam

Idolcam is the world’s first pocket-sized camera to harness the state-of-the-art 3 axis gimbal from drones, inter-changeable lenses from DSLR, beauty lighting from fashion photography, compactness and ease of use from action camera and 180 degree flip-able touchscreen from vlogging camera to create the ultimate 4K Video camera!

5:21 StandPlus

StandPLUS is the fastest and most flexible on ground camera positioning solution in the world. With StandPLUS easy camera positioning is now possible.

5 Small Kitchen Gadgets that You Will Love

Why do you suck at cooking? Probably you don’t have the right kitchen tools! Check out 5 of the best we’ve brought to you. Thank me later.

Slice-X Cutting Board: When cutting small ingredients for your salad is not a hassle.

Smood: Smood is the world’s best potato masher. It makes smooth mash in seconds, scrapes the pot clean and serves.

Spink: Spink is a cup holder that sticks to your table so you’ll never spill another drink.

Levoop: Levoop is an adjustable leveling measuring scoop. Whether you’re measuring ground coffee, protein powder or baby formula, Levoop’s adjustable set-and-forget base stays at the precise volume required.

Scizza: Scizza is a pizza cutter that perfectly slices any pizza on any surface and even serves too.

Check the video below:


5 Incredible New Products in April 2018

It’s the first week of April, let’s check what’s new in the technology industry. We summed up 5 of the most interesting and practical gadgets for you to take a look at, check out!



0:17 – BozGo, 24/7 Health Tracking Smartwatch with Live 3D UI

1:33 – HiBy R3:Ultraportable Touchscreen Hi-Fi Network Music Player

3:17 – Kira Mechanical Keyboard

4:46 – Nireeka: The Most Affordable Smart eBike

6:49 – Esoqi: One-Touch Qi Wireless Fast-Charge Car Mount

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S hands on: It’s not perfect

Here are our first impression of MI MIX 2S.

0:00 Introduction

1:39 Design

2:31 What’s inside MI MIX2S

2:54 Comparing with MI MIX2

3:28 Comparing with MI MIX2 Full Ceramic Unibody

4:08 Comparing with MI MIX2 White version

4:43 Speed comparison with iPhone 8 Plus

5:47 Camera Test

6:42 How to use the front camera

8:00 Gaming Test

12:26 Julia’s opinion about MIX2S gaming experience

13:24 Activate MI AI Voice Assistant

14:14 My conclusion


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