Kebohub ee01 Mechanical Keyboard With A Ultra-smart 5-in-1 Hub

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87 Keys
18 Light Modes
Mac & Windows
5A Output
Compatible with
Multiple Devices

Keyboard and USB Hub Into 1

You can charge multiple devices via the hub, including mice, phones, fans, power banks, etc.

KEBOHUB EE01 features a high-speed dual USB-C port connector with a 5mm wide cable.
The USB 3.0 cable makes data transfer faster and more stable.

With a HDMI2.0 port, it's compatible with 2K, 1080P and 720P monitors. Great performance is only possible with great visuals, and that's exactly what KEBOHUB delivers!

Outstanding Mechanical Keyboard

KEBOHUB EE01 comes with hot-swappable switches, letting you change switches and keycaps without soldering or replacing the whole keyboard.

You can DIY the keyboard by changing different keycaps and switches. It's compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin switches.

Custom RGB Vision

KEBOHUB EE01 is designed with 18 lighting effects, with adjustable brightness, speed and direction. With KEBOHUB, you can customize lighting effects as your preference.

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