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ACGAM MMD87 Kit fai da te a 3 modalità

Prezzo di vendita$58.99 Prezzo regolare$67.99


Facilità di personalizzazione
Tastiera barebone modulare con layout ANSI TKL a 87 tasti (sostituibile a caldo) creata per appassionati, giocatori e professionisti. Puoi definire l'aspetto, i clic e i suoni con i tuoi tasti e interruttori meccanici fai-da-te preferiti (non inclusi).

Compatibile con interruttore meccanico
La tastiera supporta 3 pin e Interruttori meccanici hot-swap a 5 pin, come Outemu, Kaih, TTC, Huano e Gateron. È possibile utilizzare interruttori tattili, lineari o a scatto senza saldature. Costruisci facilmente la tua tastiera meccanica.

Costruita con una piastra in acciaio e schiuma smorzante per la stabilità
La schiuma smorzante può assorbire il suono prodotto dalla digitazione e ridurre il suono sordo dalla parte inferiore del case.

Retroilluminazione LED RGB
La retroilluminazione LED PCB include 16,8 milioni di colori e 4 impostazioni di velocità e luminosità regolabili. Rollover completo di n tasti, tasti privi di conflitti e anti-ghosting per migliorare la tua esperienza di gioco.


Scarica il software ACGAM MMD87 - Win
Scarica il manuale utente ACGAM MMD87




Marca: ACGAM

Tipo: kit fai da te

Modello: MMD87

Colore: giallo, nero, bianco


Connettività: cablata/2.4G/Bluetooth

Retroilluminazione: RGB

LED: rivolto a nord

Layout: 80%, 87 tasti (TKL)

Programmabile: supporto

Compatibile con Switch: 3/5 pin Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh Dial

Presa interruttore: sostituibile a caldo

Peso e dimensioni

Peso del prodotto: 0,76 kg

Peso della confezione: 0,931 kg

Dimensioni del prodotto (L x P x A): 36,2 x 13,8 x 4 cm

Dimensioni confezione (L x P x A): 40*18,7*5,2 cm

Contenuto della confezione

1 kit tastiera (include PCB, piastra di montaggio, custodia in plastica, stabilizzatori)

1 cavo di tipo C

1 x estrattore per copritasti

1 x estrattore per interruttori

1 x Manuale dell'utente


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Matt N. (United States)
A feature-packed budget board

*Reviewed using Akko White Wines and OTC ModoLight keycaps

The photos show north-facing LEDs, but I was pleasantly surprised–these have south-facing LEDs! That’s an awesome benefit. The RGB is alright, nothing too special. There’s a lot of cool modes if you’re into the more flashy RGB, but I would have preferred a warm-white static light option.

One other lighting thing–not a huge fan of the LED indicators for Caps, Num, or Scroll lock. It’s red, and very bright, so the light bleeds a bit through the case. This is super nitpicky, but just personal preference.

As for the wireless capabilities–I haven’t had any issues with using the wireless receiver, but I also haven’t tested the BT functionality. Switching from wired to wireless is easy – FN+5 for wired and FN+4 for wireless.

If you preferred to use your keeb wired, it has a nice slot in the bottom to route your cable either to the left, right, or center, which is nice.

However, the way the port is placed means every time you want to connect/disconnect your cable, you have to lift the keyboard up. Also, if you prefer wireless, the switch to turn the keyboard on is on the bottom of the case, so you’ll also have to lift the keyboard up for that. A bit annoying.

I didn’t bother testing latency on wireless, but playing games while wired, there wasn’t any noticeable latency. I played both Valorant and CS:GO and had no issues.

Honestly, for $60, it’s alright in terms of quality. You’re not getting an aluminum case or anything fancy like that, but you get a keeb that will work, and has some nice bonuses.

As for modding… Opening the case is a bit difficult: you need to use a pry tool or a switch puller to carefully pull the top part of the case out and up to remove it. And it feels like you might break it before it will open.

The sound is alright. I prefer a deeper sounding keeb than what this board offers stock. It’s not terrible, but it’s not amazing either. Their pre-lubed stabilizers were a bit mushy/sticky at first, but there’s surprisingly minimal rattle, so that’s good.

Overall, this board is a good value for the price. If for some reason, you want a TKL over a 65/75% keeb and need wireless, this would do the job.

- Wireless is nice and convenient, if you need it

- Some weird design quirks, definitely feels like a "budget" board
- A bit difficult to mod

Fel (Canada)
MMD87 Yellow

This is my first custom keyboard build the case seems quite good quality some of the switches were hard to get in on the right half of the board since the foam was pushed out for some reason? After putting it together though it works great and I'm happy with my first build I'd say it's not bad for it's price mainly picked it up since I needed a yellow case though.

Michael R. (Germany)
good set

Yellow cover is not stable mechanically connected, and a German layout would be nice

Robbert (Netherlands)
Great build, good service!

I really like this kit. And it honestly surprised me how good the build quality is. And on top of that the shipping went very smoothly.

S. S. (United States)
Best keyboard!!

I've received the package, glad you put foam around the keyboard case for safety! The keyboard was delivered in good condition. There is nothing to improve on the packaging.
This custom keyboard is also great, works great, and when I installed the switches and keycaps, she's so pretty, I love it! best seller, recommended