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5 Small Kitchen Gadgets that You Will Love

Why do you suck at cooking? Probably you don’t have the right kitchen tools! Check out 5 of the best we’ve brought to you. Thank me later.

Slice-X Cutting Board: When cutting small ingredients for your salad is not a hassle.

Smood: Smood is the world’s best potato masher. It makes smooth mash in seconds, scrapes the pot clean and serves.

Spink: Spink is a cup holder that sticks to your table so you’ll never spill another drink.

Levoop: Levoop is an adjustable leveling measuring scoop. Whether you’re measuring ground coffee, protein powder or baby formula, Levoop’s adjustable set-and-forget base stays at the precise volume required.

Scizza: Scizza is a pizza cutter that perfectly slices any pizza on any surface and even serves too.

Check the video below: